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Membership Benefits

The Great British Business Alliance will allow all executives, particularly those in small and medium sized enterprises, the opportunity to join a major national networking club for a low cost outlay. Membership will offer two key benefits:

  • The opportunity to network with other executives at a series of specially designed events. Events will include drinks receptions and some dinners and will be designed to facilitate networking. While the prime purpose is networking, some events will be constructed around particular business themes, for example via the choice of guest speaker.
  • The opportunity to access high status locations and well-known individuals. The opportunity to visit - and entertain - at prestigious locations (such as the House of Lords, the House of Commons, an Inn of Court, a City Livery Hall etc) and to meet leading celebrities, politicians and business leaders through the wealth of contacts the Alliance possesses. It is unlikely that membership of other clubs or associations offers this kind of access.


  • It is also a core tenet of our strategy that the Alliance will be positioned as an elite organisation with unquestioned standards and ethics.